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Highness Clinics was founded by Dr. Firas Hamdan, a medical doctor with a specialization in the field of cosmetic surgery and health rejuvenation. Due to his staunch dedication towards the health of his patients, Plastic surgery to Dr. Firas Hamdan is the ultimate expression of art and science, which, in the hands of technically gifted individuals, can produce results that have a profoundly positive impact on the appearance and psyche of individuals. It is that ability to enhance the quality of patients’ lives that makes plastic surgery so special. This dates back from his medical education at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and his travels all over the world to the completion of his fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery at the University of Florida. Since then he has dedicated most of his career to the art of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Firas to his patients has offices and clinics in Dubai, Beirut, Florida and Saudi Arabia.



Dr. Firas who is considered to be the best skin doctor in Dubai welcomes you to the magical world of enchanting beauty and rejuvenated health. Since the very start, Dr. Firas has catered to the health, beauty and dermatological needs of his clients in the best professional way. The idea of Highness Clinics was first introduced in Lebanon during 2006 where it became an instant hit. Gradually the idea spread towards Dubai where Highness Clinics has introduced as best dermatology clinic Dubai in 2017.


Highness Clinics was created by Dr. Firas after he completed his fellowship in cosmetic surgery from the University of Florida. During his medical studies at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Firas developed a special interest in helping people lead healthy lives and make them feel special so that this world could turn into a beautiful place. He wanted to do something productive, so he decided to start a chain of beauty clinics and spas around the world. Currently, Highness Clinics has offices in different parts of the world including Beirut, Florida, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.


At Highness Clinics we are dedicated to providing our clients with the experience of a lifetime by offering them with amazing beauty and health rejuvenating services. We offer a variety of services including liposuction, plastic surgery, anti-ageing skincare, best skin tightening laser, laser hair removal, face threading, Thermage© Ultra  We offer different types of plastic surgery services including facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, brow lift, otoplasty, eyelid adjustment, cheek & chin enhancement, tummy tuck, dermolipectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift.


Highness Clinics possesses a large team of highly educated and competent professionals that have been managing the day to day activities of with extreme expertise. All of our doctors have completed with medical studies from world-class medical schools, completed fellowships in the different fields of cosmetic surgery and possess a minimum of ten years’ experience in the field. We also possess a team of highly qualified pharmacists who are available throughout the day to provide you with top quality medicines and cosmetic products as per your medical & beauty needs.

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