Dr. Giulia Svizzero
  Female Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

Dr Giulia has 16 years experience of plastic surgery, including the residency, specializing in Skin Oncology, Post bariatric plastic surgery and breast surgeries performing more than 2000 surgical procedures. She pursues her passion for aesthetics with her position as the plastic and aesthetic surgeon at the Highness clinic in Dubai. Due to her experience in skin cancer, Dr Svizzero has maintained special interest in dermatology ‘skin health’ and aesthetic medicine and is a strong advocate of following a global approach combined with plastic surgery, injectables and medical devices to optimize customer outcomes. Her background is Italian and speaks fluently Italian, English and French.


Light and Shadow


ميريام شاكر

- انا كتير كتير فخوره بشغل الدكتوره واشكرها جدا على النتيجه اللي حصلتها.

Amina Jubavic

Hi, i'm from Bosnia, i was born with back pain due to large breasts and it wasn't easy for me to find the right doctor. I am very happy i found Dr. Giulia, she changed my life.

Bianca Svenato

Non posso ringraziare abbastanza la dottoressa Giulia per un lavoro ben fatto. La consiglio vivamente!

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