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Lip Reduction


Large fuller lips have been trendy for the past few years mostly among young people, however, not everyone like their lips to be a prominent facial feature. Lip reduction is ideal for those who feel their lips do not fit right with their overall facial features.

The procedure is desired by those who naturally have overly ethnic appearing lips including demographics such as African-American, Polynesian, etc. and feel that the lips do not match their overall facial appearance. People who may have experienced mishap after using Permanent fillers may also wish to opt for lip reduction.


Expected results after lip reduction
There are numerous benefits to undergoing a lip reduction. This includes:

  • Size and appearance can be reduced as desired

  • Could change your smile

  • Asymmetric lips can also be fixed

Types of lip reduction:

  • Upper lip reduction

  • Lower lip reduction

  • Combined upper and lower lip reduction

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