Questions on CoolSculpting That You Always Wanted To Ask

1- What is Cool Sculpting? CoolSculpting is a modern, non-surgical, technology to eliminate fats with 100% NO downtime. It uses controlled cooling on the accumulated fats under the skin. Freezing the fats and melting them all away. The body then naturally and slowly flushes out these fats cells.

2- How many sessions are required to completely remove fats in a certain part of the body? It depends on the amount of fat and the particular part of the body. It usually on average of 3 sessions per area.

3- Are the results visible and permanent? CoolSculpting has been US FDA Approved since 2010. After being proven to be an effective non-surgical fat removal procedure. Instant results after the first session will be seen and fat will continue to disappear in the next three weeks. In a month or two it will be more visible that fat has been eliminated. The results are permanent because the adipocytes in the area are removed.

4- Can we treat multiple areas in one day? Yes, treatment can be applied to six different areas of the body on the same


5- Is it an alternative solution of liposuction? Yes, after a series of sessions; similar results of liposuction will be achieved, without surgery, anesthesia, recovery or downtime. Daily activities can be immediately resumed after the procedure.

6- How many sessions to see the results? Results are visible in one session. In a month, fat will evidently decrease in the area where they are visible. It will decrease in the next couple of months and fat will be completely eliminated. The final results then needs three sessions per area.

7- Is diet and exercise required to see the results? The device topically freezes the accumulated fats in a certain area. Keeping the fat away means not gaining weight after the session. Therefore, diet and exercise will keep anyone from gaining weight. We recommend our patients to undergo a high-fiber diet.

8- How much does each session cost? CoolScuplting price is about AED 3,500 per session, and the amount varies depending on the number of device applications or cycles needed in the session.

9- Is CoolSculpting safe and has no side effects? The procedure is 100% safe. There will be slight side effects such as redness on the skin where the device was applied and usually disappears in a few hours. In very rare cases it may last for several days, along with paresthesia, numbness, superficial pain and minor edema of the skin. But all are temporary and will disappear gradually.

10- Will there be excess skin after CoolSculpting? There might be no excess skin because the fat removal was gradually performed. The stretch marks of the treated site will slowly be unnoticeable. However, for people with excess amount of fat; stretch marks may appear larger because of the amount of fats removed. This can be removed with another procedure using a skin stretching device called VelaShape. Learn more about VelaShape

11- Is it painful? Will there be anesthesia? During the procedure, a bandage saturated with cold gel is placed on the area to be treated. The patient will feel some stretch and minor pain with coldness, because the device is stretching the area. But this feeling is temporary and brief.

12- Is CoolSculpting effective for both people who have large and small amounts of fat? CoolSculpting can be applied on anyone who has large amounts of fat. Sagging skin after treatment for those whom have larger amounts of fat may be slightly more.

13- Is it safe for all ages? Yes, CoolSculpting is a safe device to use for all ages including old people and is proven effective regardless of patient’s age.

14- Can both male and female use CoolSculpting?

Yes. Even though distribution of fat differs between male and female, it is effective for both genders.

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