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Upper Eyelid
Drooping, or hooded upper eyelids can be related to the aging process and is the main reason our patients come to us for upper Blepharoplasty.  At your one on one consultation with our highly experienced facial surgeons, we will discuss your expectations, and ascertain the correct procedure, or combination of treatments that best suits you and your particular case, and assures a realistic outcome.

Lower Eyelid
Eye bag surgery or eye-bag removal refers to surgery of the lower eyelid which can be troubled by excess fat and skin, known as fat herniation.  Affecting women of all ages, eye bags can be hereditary, as well as occurring as part of the aging process. They can also often be the result of the weakness of the septum and muscle and not excess fat!  The ideal procedure is to carry out surgery where the fat is repositioned, the septum tightened, the eye muscle plication (tightened) and some excess skin removed.

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