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Stay Young & Beautiful Forever!

Unveil timeless youth and lasting beauty through a comprehensive range of cosmetic and wellness treatments available at Highness Clinics. Established by Dr. Firas Hamdan, our clinic offers cutting-edge interventions in cosmetic enhancements, dermatology, weight loss solutions, and other fields. With world-renowned cosmetic surgeons on board, Highness Clinics stands as the ultimate destination for restoring both health and beauty across the globe.

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Our Departments


Discover the art of radiant skin at our leading clinic in Dubai. Our team of expert dermatologists combines science and beauty to bring you personalized treatments that enhance your natural allure.

Dubai Plastic Surgery


We blend the artistry of surgical expertise with your personal aspirations, ensuring results that reflect your unique vision. Our skilled team of Plastic Surgeons is dedicated to delivering transformative procedures that enhance your confidence and refine your natural elegance.



Indulge in the pinnacle of skincare luxury at Highness Clinics Dubai. Our dedicated skincare experts craft personalized journeys to nurture your skin's health and radiance.



Empowering male vitality and well-being, our distinguished Andrology department at Highness Clinics Dubai is a sanctuary for comprehensive men's health solutions. Our expert Andrologists provide discreet and personalized care.



Welcome to our esteemed Gynecology department at Highness Clinics Dubai, where women's health takes center stage. Our dedicated team of Gynecologists offers compassionate and comprehensive care, spanning from routine wellness to specialized treatments. 



Rediscover confidence and a vibrant appearance with our premier Hair Transplant solutions in Dubai. Our skilled team of specialists understands the transformative power of a full head of hair, and we're dedicated to delivering natural-looking results tailored to your unique needs.


Experience the future of beauty and innovation at our state-of-the-art clinic in Dubai. We're proud to offer an array of cutting-edge cosmetic machines that harness the latest technologies to elevate your aesthetic journey. From non-invasive treatments that sculpt and rejuvenate to advanced laser therapies that target specific concerns

Dr. Firas Hamdan


Dr. Firas Hamdan

Highness Clinics was founded by Dr. Firas Hamdan who believes that happiness is derived from the satisfaction of staying young and beautiful forever, and this is what motivated him to pursue his career in plastic surgery and open a multi-specialty clinic featuring outstanding doctors & surgeons with a wide-range of specialties tailored to the patients needs.

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