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breast augmentation surgery


Sometimes, going through a standard breast augmentation surgery is not enough to obtain the desired breast aesthetic. This is the reason why more and more women nowadays choose composite breast augmentation, which comes with several benefits in terms of implants appearance. The problems and limitations that surround a standard breast implant procedure can be addressed with this type of surgical intervention.

Breast augmentation


  • Enhances breast size and volume in harmony with your body size and chest width

  • An improvement in breast symmetry

  • Correction of pre-pregnancy size and shape of breasts following childbirth

  • Improvement of shape following substantial weight loss

  • Improvement in breast aesthetics

  • Clothing may appear more dramatic with the new silhouette

  • A possible increase in self-confidence

Suitable patients for breast augmentation include those who have:

  • Micromastia – small breasts

  • Breast asymmetry

  • Loss of breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Changes in breast shape or size after weight loss

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