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Lip Lift


Lip lift surgery is designed to reduce the length of a long upper lip in a vertical plane and also to improve the shape of the upper lip. With the surgical reduction of the skin of the upper lip, the red portion of the lip and everts to give a fuller appearance to the red part of the upper lip. The cupid’s bow of the upper lip is also refined with greater definition. An accentuated cupid’s bow is recognized to be an attractive feature of the lips.
Lip lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is available for patients over 18 years of age.
There are several reasons why people will feel the need to get lip lift surgery. 

This includes:

  • Having too much skin space between the upper lip and nose. This will help patients to obtain youthful, fuller lips. The ideal space between the lip and the base of the nose is considered to be between 1 – 1.2 cm in women and larger for men, between 1.3 –1.5 cm. As we age and bones start to retract, the bones around the nose no longer support the skin, making it saggy.

  • Having dropped lip corners. Corner lip lift surgery is extremely effective and can get rid of an unpleasant frowny look.

  • A lip lift can help those who have had lip filler injections and feel they have overfilled lips with repeated filler injections over the years.

  • Due to aging, or sometimes hereditary, teeth do not show when smiling as the lip covers them too much. Lip lifts can help people to achieve balance and definition in their face.

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